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We Built this Community to...

...bring together creators and fans ready to explore the potential of a more balanced and rewarding community experience. We encourage you to understand the basics, explore StarStake, and define your own path forward. 

It is the StarStaker Mission to: 

  • Help create and support thousands of thriving independent brand economies
  • Balance the playing field for more brands and creators to prosper
  • Establish a collaborative fan culture that rewards supportive values  
  • and usher in a new era for creators and brands to connect with their fans.

Why Join StarHub?

We are on the brink of a major shift happening online, a convergence of content and personalized connections. At StarStake, we wanted to bring creators and communities together to experience this shift together, in a safe way. Starhub is a community app designed to support everyone's journey as we begin integrating Web3 technology into our daily lives. 

Join Our Rapidly Growing Community to:

  • Connect with other fans and creators

  • Learn how to create a community of lifelong SuperFans

  • Be the first to experience the power of a Brand Club

  • Learn how you can earn by sharing and supporting your favorite stars and brands

  • Access exclusive contests, giveaways, and events

  • Build your community and connections

What is StarStake?

StarStake Is The Fan And Brand Ecosystem You Can't Live Without.

StarStake delivers exciting Brand Club experiences that your fans and consumers will care about and use. Make your Brand Clubs special with perks and products, incentivize growth with promotions, build beautiful pages, and create SuperFans with the FanEngine.


What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is highly decentralized, driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, and leverages blockchain technology. The result is real-world human communication. Users retain control over their data and content, and they can sell or trade their data without losing ownership, risking privacy or relying on intermediaries. In this business model, users can log into a website without having their internet identity tracked.

Key to the innovation in Web 3.0 is the digitization of assets via tokenization. Tokenization converts assets and rights into a digital representation, or token, on a blockchain network. Cryptocurrency and fungible tokens are forms of digital currency that can easily be exchanged across networks, driving a new business model that democratizes finance and commerce. Non fungible tokens (NFTs) are units of data that represent unique assets such as avatars, digital art, or trading cards, that can be owned by users and monetized for their own gain.

The community aspect is a central component of the Web3 space. Creators focus on building audiences by driving deeper connections through content and access that meets the audience’s desires. With Web3, creators can forego or lessen their reliance on social media platforms to build a better community using social tokens, NFT's, and accessibility tokens. Web3 allows creators to cultivate super fans.

Why is Web3 Important?

To put it simply, when it comes to Web 3.0, there are several major opportunities. Until now, big tech companies have handled and exploited the data provided by consumers. Web 3.0 changes everything and allows creators to build completely independent economies, untethered from the centralized giants, institutions, and platforms. 

End users will have total data ownership with Web 3.0 powered by Blockchain. The data that is sent across the network will be completely encrypted. Users will be able to choose whatever information they wish to share with businesses and advertising agencies, and they will be able to profit from it.

Web 3.0 can also be advantageous for creators and brands when it comes to operating across borders, selling tokenized assets via NFTs, with associated access to buyer rewards, shared royalties, and even ecommerce. StarStake is pioneering this new frontier of creator economies by delivering a fully-integrated featureset that is both usable and accessible in the real world.

Web3 is an opportunity for creators to lessen or remove their dependence on centralized platforms that reap the benefit from their hard work.